About Us

RDoG (Residential Designers of Georgia)

The Residential Designers of Georgia, or RDoG (are-dog), was founded in 2015 as a local voice for Residential Designers.  RDoG is a 501(c)6 non-profit under  education guidelines.  The intention is to create a state specific platform for Residential Designers relative to state regulatory guidelines.  RDoG allows for a state-specific outreach extending beyond the chapter’s boundary.  

The logic is simply this; the construction industry is regulated greatly on a state level.  This is primarily because conditions and solutions vary from state to state.  Florida has an appropriately strong focus on high winds and severe storm conditions where Georgia has a significant focus on topographic issues and storm water control.  These differences impact design focus and documentation criteria.  There are also varying levels of professional regulation and consumer protections within state borders.  Although there is a great deal more to it, it is evident that a “state voice” is wise.  In like mind it is considered critical that this voice must represent the best that industry has to offer.    Therefore,  we work to a common goal in assuring the highest standards from our members on behalf of the consumer and furthermore to help improve our industry beyond the metro and throughout the state.